Tools for Recovery

It is well known that running make you sore. Muscles will ache, sore spots will appear in places you didn’t even know could be sore. This can be frustrating and really impinge upon training plans. This can indicate that you need to dial back on a training plan, listen to your body as they say. But, I am also a firm believer in strategies to reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recovery. Here listed are some of my favorite tools (and methods) to aid in recovery:

  1. Foam Roller- have a love hate relationship with this; the kind of relationship that makes me say “it hurts so good.” But there is something about a good foam roll that can make your muscles feel so much better. The trick is to avoid rolling the joints; this is painful and unhelpful. Focus upon the large meaty muscle areas and do a few rolls back and forth. I use this mostly for my legs and do about 15 reps on each muscle on each side. This can also be used to target the piriformis. The piriformis is a small, sneaky little muscle that can often inflict horrible pain in the backside; literally a pain in the a$%.
  2. Lacrosse Ball- I like this to roll my feet out. It works great for those hard the hard to reach spots in the arches. There are a lot of fancy little tools out there to target the bottom of your feet as well, but so far the lacrosse ball has been my personal favorite method. It is tried and true as well as affordable. I provided the amazon link, but you can also find these at Dicks Sporting Goods.
  3. Dr. Cools Ice Therapy Wraps- I LOVE these ice wraps. They come in three different sizes for wrapping various parts of your body. It lets you wrap sore or inflamed areas on the go, which is convenient for those of us with busy lifestyles! Just add a little water, put it in the freezer and go. And it is chemical and latex free which is a huge bonus!