Weekly Recap 5/25-5/31: Memorial Day, Hot Runs and Quarantine

Long time, no chat! How is your quarantine going? As an ER nurse quarantine hasn’t effected me as much as others. I still go to work, the grocery store and enjoy my days off relaxing with my boyfriend and four legged fur babies.

Honestly though the biggest thing I miss is being able to go to breweries with friends. Oh, and IKEA! I want so desperately to go to IKEA.

Here is how this past week looked for me. It wasn’t the most exciting of weeks, but I’ve been trying to get back to running more!

Monday 5/25: Memorial Day

Tuesday 5/26: Ran 2 miles in the humid heat of the morning. Virginia feels as though it jumped from winter right into the dead heat humidity of summer. While I love it; it’s going to take some time for my body to adapt.

Wednesday 5/27: While I had hopes of getting a run in; instead I got caught up organizing the apartment in the morning. So I decided to trade the run for an in home sweat session. Tabata workouts are a favorite of mine for such a occasion. These are intense short workouts that can really get your heart rate up! They are short, sweet, efficient and you don’t always need any equipment. There are many good things examples in YouTube. Go check it out!

Thursday 5/2: Work

Friday 5/29: I had a moment on Friday where I just didn’t feel motivated at all. But, I still managed a mile run. After that I just did a few tasks around the apartment, took a quick nap and relaxed. The night was topped off with some amazing Sushi and an episode of Vikings!

Saturday 5/30: Work

Sunday 5/31: Work

I hope everyone had a good week! As the restrictions are slowly lifting in states across the US I am hoping there will be more opportunities for activities in future. Until then we just have to stay safe, get in our home workouts, wash our hands and social distance.

Happy Running!! -E

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