Weekly Recap 6/24-6/30, Beating the Heat &Yoga

Hi Everyone! Living in Virginia we have been so lucky with our spring this year. Certainly there were some not so great days where it was muggy or storming. But, for the most part we had some amazing days. Not too hot or muggy; it was perfect running weather. Like all good things though, it passed and now it seems that we are in the heat of summer.

Running in the heat is something that you can grow accustom to. And there are ways to manage the misery of stepping out the door when it’s the middle of summer.

Monday 6/24:Cross training. Once again I resorted to yoga for my cross training. My practice is evolving and gaining strength. It feels really good and I like the impact it has both on my running and other parts of my life.

Tuesday 6/25: I got home from work around 6:30pm and set out for 3 miles. Tuesday use to be a cross training day for me, but now I try to get a run in to add some miles to my week.

I usually will do anything from 3-5miles depending on how busy I am at work and how tired I am feeling. Some days I come home feeling absolutely drained and it takes every ounce of my will power to step out the door. But I know that no matter how tired I feel I can always get 3 miles in. So that is my go to distance when I am feeling drained.

Wednesday 6/26: Speed work session. I really enjoyed this speed work session. It was challenging, but doable. It has felt good to do speed work and I have noticed improvements in my running ability since starting speed work. I have not necessarily become much faster (yet). But, my endurance on my long runs has improved.


  • 2 mile warm up
  • 10x90sec at 8:30 pace with 2 min recovery jog
  • 2 mile cool down

Thursday 6/27: cross training (more yoga)

Friday 6/28: rest day

Saturday 6/29: Inside treadmill run with a little cross training! It was so hot outside there was just no way I could manage a run outside. Usually on super hot days I would get my run done in the morning, but this morning I had to work. So I ran indoors on the treadmill instead. Following the treadmill I did a few more drills including sled pushes to try to help my legs get stronger.

Sunday 6/30: I decided to brave the heat for this one and I did 4 miles outside in the sun. Since I worked in the morning again I just waited this time to do my run later in the day when the sun was lower in the sky, Well even though the sun was low in the sky it was still brutal.

Total Weekly Miles: 17.4 Miles

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