Weekly Recap 6/3/19-6/9/19, Recovering from Dallas & Back to Work

It’s been a long week recovering from a fun, exhausting trip and a late flight back Sunday night. Our flight back Sunday landed around 9 pm and it was about 10:30 pm before we were in bed. It was a rough adjustment to get back to work with the early mornings

Monday 6/3: I was so exhausted and sore from the flight I skipped my cross trains. Okay I shouldn’t say I skipped it. I made an executive decision in my best interest to rest. Saying it was “skipped” almost implies guilt and there is no guilt from me in any workout that I decide not to do. Generally because if I decide that a workout isn’t for me that day it’s because I need that time off. I digress…

Tuesday 6/4: I powered up after work for a 5 mile run. I started doing runs on Tuesdays so I would be able to fit in 4 runs a week. It isn’t always easy to get that run in Tuesday after work, but it has helped me feel a little more consistent with my runs.

Wednesday 6/5: After taking some time off from speed work I finally added it back in.

So here was the workout:

  • 2 mile warm up
  • 10 x 2min @7:57 pace with one minute recovery jog in between
  • 2 mile cool down

This workout was so hard. I almost quite midway. But, I powered through it.

Thursday 6/6: Cross training!

Friday 6/7: Rest day.

Saturday 6/8: The weekends are for long runs. Saturday is my long run day. I had a plan to do 10 miles, but my knee started hurting around 7.7miles. It was this sharp, kind of stabbing pain right towards the outside of my right knee.

I tried my best to shake it out, but by 8 miles it was still painful. So I decided not to risk an injury and I cut my run short. I would rather not try to power through a run for the sake of my pride and potentially risk an injury.

Sunday 6/9: 5 miles easy pace. I was a little nervous heading into this run because my knee became so sore during Saturday’s run. But, I managed to get through Sunday’s run completely pain free. I’m still going to continue to be careful with my knee though. I don’t want to chance any kind of injury mid training cycle.

Now it’s onto the next week! Happy Running everyone!!!

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