Getaway to Dallas

Adam and I love traveling. It’s something we don’t do nearly enough, but we aspire to travel more. Our most recent adventure took us to Dallas, Texas. We packed so much into this short trip.

We stayed at a super cute (tiny) air bnb apartment in uptown Dallas. It was a nice location and we had so many great places nearby both in uptown and downtown Dallas that were within walking distance.

When Adam and I travel we take exploring very seriously and will routinely walk upwards of 10 to 15 miles a day. So if you ever travel will us pack comfortable shoes!!

We flew in on Wednesday 5/29. The flight was charted to take 3 hours. However, inclement weather in Dallas changed that. With a tornado touched down in Dallas our plane took a pit stop in Houston to top off fuel and wait for the weather to clean up. After waiting for about 2 hours we finally were on our way to Dallas again.

Since we landed much later than anticipated we didn’t do much Wednesday night. We rallied enough for dinner and then went to bed at a good time so we could get an early start on Thursday.

Oysters are so yummy

I got my a run in early Thursday morning. Then Thursday was spent exploring downtown Dallas. We visited the Dallas aquarium, Dealey Plaza and Pioneer Plaza.

The Dallas Aquarium is a must see. There is a big open canopy with birds, a sloth as well as many other animals in various enclosures. It’s so much more then just an aquarium.

Another bonus of the aquarium is that you can enjoy a nice cold one while you walk around the enclosures.

I also really liked Pioneer Plaza. Here you can find the cattle drive sculptures. It’s a really nice park located in downtown Dallas adjacent to the convention center.

Three Cowboys accompany these larger than life sculptures that represent a cattle drive that took place along the Shawnee trail. The Shawnee trail passed through Austin, Waco and Dallas.

Fun fact about this sculpture; when it was being built local artists tried to sue saying it was not an accurate representation of Dallas, TX history. Personally, I am glad they were not successful in blocking the project. It is truly a site to see and feels very “Texas.”

Dealey Plaza was really cool to see. It almost feels like stepping into a little piece of history. The locations where Kennedy was shot were marks on the pavement. We walked around the grassy knoll and saw the building where Oswald was located during the shooting. It really is fascinating and there is still so much speculation surrounding the assassination.

Thursday night we went to the Medieval Times. I have never been to one of these and while it sounded super touristy to me I still really wanted to check it out. It ended up being really fun! There was a cool presentation with a falcon and there were so many beautiful horses. I am a horse girl at heart, so I loved seeing all the horses!

All the food at the show had to be eaten by hand since they don’t give out any silverware (bring hand sanitizer and wet wipes). But the food was actually so good! In all it was a great time.

Streaming at Dreamhack

On Friday we went to Dreamhack. This is a big expo for all things gaming. Adam streamed Friday morning from Dreamhack. This was a really cool big expo. It is never something I thought would be up my alley, but I have found the people in the gaming community to be really amazing and just overall, accepting, wonderful people.

Saturday was spent exploring Dreamhack for most of the day. We stepped out to get our meals and beer. Dallas has great beer and great food. We stuck to drinking local beers while in Dallas and the favorite beer of our trip was the revolver blood and honey.

One our our favorite places we ate in Dallas was Pecan Lodge. Hands down the best BBQ. The wait was over an hour to get food and seats in the main area (so that’s when you know its good). We lucked out however when the bartender pulled us aside to offer seats at the bar. We got the same great food, quick seats and beers in our hand within minutes of arriving. I got the pulled pork sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. The meat was cooked to perfection, certainly not dry. and their BBQ sauce is by far one of my new favorites. It had the perfect balance of tangy, spice that will light up the taste buds.

Pecan Lodge

Sunday morning I snuck in another early morning run. We had been walking so much every day I didn’t feel too much pressure to get my runs in.

Our flight back to D.C. wasn’t until 5pm so we had a bunch of time to kill from checking out at 11am until we needed to be at the airport. We found a great park in uptown Dallas. The park, Klyde Warren Park, was the perfect place to hunker down with our bags. There was hot coffee, food trucks, tables to sit at and public restrooms. It really doesn’t get more perfect than that.

Dallas cityscape

While at the park the knights from Medieval Times showed up to do a little show. So we got another great presentation of their sword fighting abilities. Then after relaxing and enjoying the perfect weather at the park we finally made our way to the airport to fly home.

We could have used more time in Dallas to see everything and I hope we get a chance to go back for a visit again in the future.

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