Weekly Recap 5/13/19-5/19/2019, Training Fatigue and Anniversaries

Happy Monday! I am still recovering from the disappointment that was last nights episode of Game of Thrones. Everything just felt like a cop out. The only good part of the episode was when the best boy Ghost finally got the pets he deserve.

For more Game of Thrones disappointment I encourage you to turn to twitter for some real gems. Now here is the breakdown of my week.

Monday 5/13: Since I have been increasing my mileage I have started really suffering from training fatigue. And this Monday it hit me harder than ever. To the point where is was difficult to concentrate at work. I still managed to get my cross training done tonight though. Although I did take it a little easier.

Tuesday 5/14: Cross Training!

Wednesday 5/15: 5 miles @10:15 min/mile pace.

Thursday 5/16: cross training on the bike trainer! I did 30 minutes on the bike trainer along with some stretching and modified yoga. After an exhausting week it was challenging to find motivation for a workout. The training fatigue is real.

Friday 5/17: Rest Day! (Much needed)

Saturday 5/18: 10 miles was on the schedule, however I had to make some adjustments to this. With the warmer conditions along with the training fatigue my body just wasn’t feeling a longer run. I ran 9 miles and than walked the 10th mile. The humidity felt like a smothering blanket and it just took everything out of me to keep going.

Sunday 5/19: 5 miles @11:12min/mile pace on another super hot humid day. It’s was like running through a muggy, hot swamp. My legs were still hurting from the pervious days run and with the heat I decided to slow the pace down to snail pace.

Sunday was also Adam and my two year anniversary! We celebrated by exchanging some gifts and a nice dinner out together. It’s been quite an adventure and I truly appreciate having him in my life. He is one of my biggest supporters in my runner endeavors!

Yummy Cava Salad!!

After my run Saturday I immediately contacted my coach. Between the training fatigue and having such a poor run performance I needed a new plan of attack. We settled on continuing to increase weekly mileage slowly, but bring back the distance of the long runs a little. This meant adding shorter runs through the week on days that would normally be cross training. I am hopeful that this new plan will help me going forward with my training. I still consider myself in the time frame where I am building a base

Weekly total: 19 miles

Hope everyone has a good week! Happy Running!!

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