Weekly Recap 5/6/19-5/12/19, Game of Thrones, Long Runs Getting Longer

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Who else watched Game of Thrones last night?

Monday 5/6: Cross training!

Tuesday 5/7: More cross training

Wednesday 5/8: Easy run 5 mi @ 10:20-11:20/mi goal pace. I averaged a 10:15/mi pace on this run. It overall felt pretty good. It wasn’t exactly anything special. I woke up early and got out on my run at a good time. Then I had the rest of the day to relax and get caught up on a few things.

Thursday 5/9: Cross training!

Friday 5/10: Rest day

Saturday 5/11: Adam and I made our way out to the country on Saturday morning. We went to visit his Dad and just get a little escape from the chaos. It was so nice getting my run in on the beautiful, winding country roads. And bonus! Adam was able to join me in the 4-wheeler! Nothing better than having an escort that can hold onto water and snacks for you.

Sunday 5/12: 6 mi easy shake out run. It was a little rough getting my legs moving after running 9 miles the day before. And additionally it was super cold and rainy! By the end of the run I felt frozen.

Hope everyone has a good week! Happy Running!!

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