Weekly Recap 4/29/19-5/5/19, Increasing Mileage

It has been a minute since I have posted a weekly recap. I finally got a chance this weekend to catch up on a few things. The previous weekend was super fun, but also super busy! Adam and I watch Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones. Super nerd status.

I also had the Westfield’s Sprint Triathlon. This triathlon was so much fun! I have a race recap up; click here to read it! Here is how the following week panned out:

Monday 4/29- Rest Day! It is always a good idea to take a rest day after a race. So I always made sure to take time to let my body recover.

Tuesday 4/30- Back to the grind! 30 min on the bike trainer to give the legs a good shakeout. I have such a love hate relationship with the bike trainer. While I love the workout I get from it; I also get so bored! But, it is a great way to get caught up on some shows!

Wednesday 5/1- 5 miles easy pace 10mi/min. With recovered legs this run felt so good.

Thursday 5/2- Second rest day of the week! Sometimes you just need an extra rest day.

Friday 5/3- Another night of cross training. After a rough day at work I wasn’t really feeling cross training tonight. I was feeling overworked, stressed and drowning in charts that I needed to finish. So I opted to just do a little yoga instead.

Saturday 5/4- 8 mi easy pace; the longest run of my training cycle. I went into it nervous about the distance. But, I focused on staying consistent, keeping my shoulders down, arms up and relaxed. Tension slows you down. Smooth is fast.

Sunday 5/5- 5 mi easy pace. Legs felt a little heavy after the 8 miler the day before. So I just slowed the pace a little, relaxed, kept my feet turning over and did my best to bruise a long. I got super hungry midway through my run though. So hungry, I was close to hallucinating about donuts.

I started back into consistent training about 2 months ago. Looking back I’ve made great progress in this time. I took my runs from 2-3 mile runs up to 5-8miles. And I’ve done this while maintaining (and improving a tiny bit!) my easy pace. I am looking forward to getting faster! However I do know that you can either increase mileage or speed, but not both at type same time.

Total: 18 miles

Now on it the next week! Happy running everyone!

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