5 Gifts for Runners

If you made it to this page you likely have a special someone in your life that is a runner. And just like any other normal human runners like gifts. Except they aren’t exactly normal, they run unfathomable distances and they do it just for fun. So what do you get your running pal?

Race Belt

It is common practice to safety pin your bib directly onto your shirt. While this works well it can be a pain to get your bib number straight and the safety pins can leave little annoying holes in precious running clothes. A easy fix for this is a race belt. These are popular amongst triathletes and I always joke that you can tell who are triathletes at a running race because they are using a race belt.

Race belts come in a variety of styles. In addition to the plain ones, there are ones with zippered pockets as well as loops for gels. I have the 2xu race belt. This one is simple and does not have any extra features other that securing your bib. But I like it. That material is durable, it is easily adjustable to fit anyone and is snaps on and off.

Hand Held Hydration

There are many times on a long run when your will need to carry water with you. There are many options to carry water. There are the hip packs, hydration packs and the handheld water bottles.

My top favorite way to carry hydration on a run is with the a hand held water bottles. These are convenient and minimal. You can also switch hands during the run. The only downfall is that sometimes the water can get a little sloshy when you have drank some of it. I personally run with the Nathan Speed Draw Plus which is berry colored flask on the left. I like that it has the zippered pocket for storage and the flask is insulated to keep the water cold longer. In addition the harness makes the water bottle easy to hold onto. I often find the hip belt varieties clunky.

Believe Training Journal

The runner in your life will love what this journal has to offer. This is an insightful little book and is packed full of amazing little tips as well as providing space for you to list your goals, weekly focus and workouts. Its design guides you to focus on your goals and also give fantastic tidbits of information to help you achieve them!

Utilization of this little journal will lead to a indispensable self awareness of workouts and runs. This leads to greater success down the road. The clean and easy design is beneficial for both the more experienced runners as well as those giving running a try for the first time. This is a journal designed by runners for runners.


My favorite headbands ever are Maven Thread. They have the most beautiful designs. And BONUS! They don’t slip at all during workouts. This is the perfect headband not only for running but for any fitness endeavor from yoga to spin class. This headband is so cute it can easily be worn from workout to brunch with the girls.

Medal Holder

Runners take a lot of pride in their hard work, dedication and race medals! so why not get them something they can use to display every hard earned piece of race bling! There are a lot of different options for displaying medals; and some even come with an option to display race bibs as well. Here are a few options

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Happy Running Everyone!!

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