Rev3 Westfields Sprint Triathlon 2019 Recap

Race recap! I have been mostly focusing on running recently; but could not pass up the opportunity to participate in this triathlon. Three years ago this was the first triathlon I ever did, so it hold a special place in my heart. I am so grateful I was able to participate in it! I was also lucky that I had my boyfriend Adam there to take all the photographs!!

Going into this race my training wasn’t the most triathlon focused. I swam a few times, biked on the trainer for cross training and ran so much! I didn’t do any transition workouts or biking outside. Going into this race I didn’t feel particularly underprepared though. I remember how my legs feel after getting off the bike and with all the running I have been doing I felt prepared in terms of my fitness.

Race day was an early morning, alarm set for 5am and we got to the race by 6am. Just in time to get parking, get body marked and get everything set up in transition. I am so rusty at this triathlon thing I forgot to get my run kick laces untied so they would be ready to slide right on. I would regret this later in the race.

The swim is a pool swim, only 250 yards total. You jump in at the deep end, swim down the lane then cut until the lane line and proceed down the next lane. Sounds easy right? In general it is, but when a bottle neck of swimmers occurs it can get a little chaotic, some people get kicked and others get swum over. 250 yards flew by though and soon I was painfully trying to run over the pavement to transition.

It was a balmy 53 degrees in the morning on the bike and there was no sunshine. I made the mistake of saying “oh, I think I will be fine without my jacket.” because I didn’t feel like struggling to pull it on over my still damp skin. But I really should have just taken those extra minutes to pull my jacket on. I was FROZEN on the bike. I was in wet clothes from the swim and the air was so cold and damp.

Smiling through the pain

The first few miles on the bike were the worst. The bike was a total of 12 miles, two loops 6 miles each. Overall the course is fairly flat, with some very mild uphill and downhill portions. The first few miles felt the worst, but I kept pushing myself to keep pedaling, to keep all the blood flowing in my legs. After about mile 4 my body just went numb and it didn’t really hurt as bad. But my legs still felt strong. I finished the bike with a negative split on that second lap around.

I need that jacket!

Transition 2 was challenging though and I felt so slow! I fumbled with my frozen, clumsy fingers to get my run kicks on. It felt like it took forever! And My upper body was so cold I knew I needed to get that jacket on. So I pulled that jacket on after finally getting my shoes on and set out on my run.

On the run my legs felt so good! I ran so strong. I passed a good handful of the people that passed me on the bike out on that run. I could not be stopped. And I finished up with a sub 30min 5k. I wish I knew my exact time, but I am still waiting for results to be posted for this race. And while I was wearing a watch I forgot to stop it and let it run for a few minutes after I crossed the finish line.

Overall, I am so happy with this triathlon. Everything went really well considering I had some rust to knock off. It was so nice to have this little boost of confidence after having a few not so great races in the past year. I feel like I am finally getting back to myself after graduate school set me back in my training. I am looking forward to more training and more races in the future! I am not sure if I will do another triathlon in the near future, but if I find a good one it may be hard to resist!

Total Miles today between all events: 15.35 miles

Happy training everyone!

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