Weekly Recap 4/8/19-4/14/19: I don’t remember what I did last week

In writing this post about one week late. So as I sit here I am wondering, what the heck did I do last week? I honestly don’t remember. Thankfully I have my workouts recorded in my Garmin and my VDOT app. So at least I can remember those!

4/8 Monday- Wow, it was a busy day at work. And while I feel super guilty, I skipped my cross training workout. It was just not a good day for me and I knew that I was not feeling physically or mentally up to it.

4/9 Tuesday- I rallied! Got on my trainer for 30mins on my bike. It has been really helpful to be able to bike on the trainer. I can’t always get out on the road with my bike, especially after work. So I just come home, put on a show and hope on the trainer.

4/10 Wednesday- First speed workout!! I did 4 miles easy pace followed by 20 sec x6 strides with 1 min jog recovery. Going into this workout I was feeling nervous, but also excited. It worried me that I may not have enough in the tank to finish strides. So I was extra careful not to push the pace too much on the 4 miles. Then, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the speed workout went. I flew through those 20 sec strides and it felt so good.

4/11 Thursday- rest day!! And I needed it. My legs were still feeling those strides!

4/12 Friday- More cross training! Bike, bike and more bike!

4/13 Saturday- Long run Saturday! 7 miler at easy pace. But this run turned out to be anything but easy. I went in feeling under hydrated and under energized. And to make matters worse it turned out to be a super hot day! I baked in the sun, thirsty and on tired legs I slowly trudged through all those 7 miles. It wasn’t an easy run by any means, but I made it!

4/14 Sunday- Following the 7 miler Saturday I ran a 5 miler on Sunday. After a challenging run on Saturday nerves were high. I ran those 5 miles on tired legs, with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised with how well it went!

Total Weekly Miles: 16.8 miles

Happy Running Everyone!

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