Weekly Recap 3/31/19-4/7/19 And Cherry Blossoms in DC

This week I finally got in all planned workouts! I still started off the week feeling pretty tired from being sick, but towards the end I could feel my typical energy levels coming back. Its really nice to finally feel like myself again!

Sunday was a 3 mile easy run. It was a fairly unremarkable run. I averaged a pace of about 10:40min/mi, easy pace. The only true struggle was the wind chill. It wasn’t cold per-say, but that wind will cut you to the bone. Afterwards it took forever for me to finally feel warm again! Even after a hot shower I was still chilled.

Monday and Tuesday were the typical cross training days.

Wednesday was a easy pace 4 miler. Overall it felt pretty good. The weather was nice and it didn’t take much to just relax into an easy tempo. I even managed some negative splits! It is really nice to see the slow but steady progress I have been making.

On Wednesday Adam and I also took time to head into DC to brave the crowds and see the cherry blossoms! There is something just so magical about those beautiful trees and walking along the Tidal Basin. I took so many pictures of the trees and the blossoms!

Thursday is rest day. It is always really nice to come home from work, just relax and not have to worry about squeezing a workout in when I am feeling tired from the week.

Friday was another cross training day! And just like most of my other cross train days I just hop on my bike trainer and pedal out for about 30 mins. This gives different muscles in my legs a workout all while giving my legs a chance to get a good shake out.

Saturday is long run day!! I love long run day because it gives me a chance to challenge my training. Today I ran 6 miles easy pace and I ran it at 10:00min/mi average pace! It felt so good and my legs felt strong.

Total this week: 13 miles

Happy running everyone!! Now on to the next week!!

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