Weekly Recap 3/17/19-3/23/19, Marine Corps Marathon Lottery& Week 3 with a Coach

This week kicked off my third week since I started with a run coach. I have to admit the consistency has been key. There has been a significant improvement in my running ability. Most of the improvement has been my ability to find and maintain a comfortable pace as I add more miles to each run.

The week prior my longer runs felt a little forced; like I was having difficulty settling into a comfortable pace. It was difficult to keep that pace and I had to stop a couple times during my run. This week that changed.

Sunday 3/17 was another 5 miler. After having a little bit of a challenging 5 run Saturday I wasn’t exactly sure how this run was going to go. But I was pleasantly surprised that the run went so well! I settled into the pace so easily.

Weekends are not just for runs, but also all the fun! Adam and I finally got a chance to watch Captain Marvel and that movie sure this not disappoint. Marvel has done it again. I love a good movie with a strong female lead. I won’t give away any spoilers. All I will say is go see it!

Monday and Tuesday are my cross training days, so I did a mix of biking on the trainer as well as using the resistance band to do some focused strength training for my hip muscles. (I will post my hip strengthening workout in another post; stay tuned)

The lottery for the Marine Corp Marathon opened this week!

The Marine Corp Marathon eluded me a few years back. I was all signed up after getting through the lottery in 2016. Training started off well, but this was also the same year I started graduate school and training went out the window when school demands became too much. So here I am, three years later, hoping I can have another chance at this marathon.

Wednesday was a 3 miler at easy pace, but honestly it felt so good I pushed the pace a little and finished with an average of 9:57/mi. And it FELT SO GOOD! I know I still have a ways to go before I get my speed back, but I am still so proud of the progress I have made so far. Later that night was a sushi date night to top of a pretty awesome middle of the week.

Saturday I had my longest run of this training cycle so far. 6 miles at easy pace. I was not feeling the greatest heading into the weekend. Exhausted and burnt out from the week (work related). Despite feeling a little run down I still made an attempt at those 6 miles and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. I finished it off with an average pace of 10:34/mile.

Total this week: 14 miles

Happy running everyone!

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