Weekly Recap 3/10/19-3/16/19, Increasing Milage and Easy Pace

I am a little behind on the weekly recaps. Life happens. The past few weeks I am continuing to work with my coach to build up and strengthen my runs. So far most of my runs have focused on getting comfortable at an easy pace, while slowly increasing the milage. In a typical week my runs are scheduled for Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday. Thursday is my rest day, with cross training in between.

For cross training I have been predominantly biking on the trainer. I have also lifted a little and done some work with the resistance band. I love the resistance band, especially for strengthening the hips.

Coach has assigned all of my runs at easy pace so far. For me my easy pace is 10:20-11:20/mile

Sunday’s run was a 5 miler at an easy pace. I ended up with a final average pace of 10:29/mile.

Wednesday was a 4 miler at easy pace with a final average pace of 10:18/mile.

Saturday was another 5 miler at an easy pace, but for some reason this run just felt so hard! I averaged a pace of 11:00/mile. I just could not get comfortable in a pace and I really had to push myself to get it done. Honestly felt like quitting midway through.

Finished off this week with a total of 14 miles. It felt good. It is really nice to have the consistency back to my running. I had been struggling to find that. It took getting a run coach to get that back, but if feels so good!

Happy running everyone!!

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