I Got a Running Coach!

I am excited to announce that I just joined the McKirdy Trained family! This was a big step for me. I have always been one to train independently and I have had a fair amount of success. But the truth is, I want more! I have some lofty goals for the future and I could tell that I had reached a plateau training on my own.

I explored a couple different options for coaches, but when it came down to it I really loved the McKirdy methodology and their success certainly speaks for itself. I am really excited to see what goals I will be able to obtain with their guidance.

The training is predominately online with planned workouts for the week. This also includes coaching calls as well as a few other perks. I had my first coaching call on Saturday afternoon. The coach that I am working with closely is Pardon, who competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics. I really enjoyed the coaching call. Pardon was super positive and really made me feel like my goals are obtainable.

Today was the first week of training this week and so far I feel like I am off to a great start. My first run was a 3 miler at easy pace. The easy pace assigned to me by my coach was 10:20-11:20. Well, my legs ended up feeling too good and did not want to slow down! I ended up with negative splits and a 10:07 average pace.

I have two more runs planned for this week as well as a few cross training sessions. That will bring me to a total of 10 miles this week. I am already excited to see what next weeks training will look like! Hope everyone had good weekend!

Happy Running Everyone!!

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