Weekly Recap 2/24/19-3/2/19

I finished up this week with a total of 7.5 miles. After a handful of setbacks a few weeks ago I am proud of this! I ran consistently on my days off and while not all these runs felt easy it still felt great to get out and use my legs.

On Wednesday Adam and I went to National Harbor. So I took advantage of this and got a few miles in down by the water. In case anyone was wondering there is a nice little trail along the water there. When I was there it was a cold grey day so I was the only on the trail. While it was nice to have the trail to myself it also made it a little spooky.

Saturdays run was inside on the treadmill. Now that it is towards the end of the winter I am kind of over those damp, chilly winter runs. So I decided to run inside instead. I did 3 miles total on the treadmill and my legs felt so heavy. They just did not want to wake up and do their job!

Maybe it was from a busy workweek or maybe it was because I was a little dehydrated, but hopefully my run tomorrow will feel a little better. I have another 3 miles planned for my Sunday run. I am also hoping I will feel up for brining those miles outside. My outside runs notoriously feel much better then my runs on the treadmill.

Happy Running Everyone!

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