Weekly Recap 2/17/19-2/23/19 Snow Days, Swimming and Winc Wine

This has been a long week. Work has been busy, leaving me exhausted by the end of the day. Despite this I have done my best to get my workouts in. The main focus in my training at the moment is to build a solid base to build off of. So recently I have been mostly lifting, running and swimming. I make every workout count with a focus upon quality over quantity.

On Wednesday Virginia was hit with yet another snow storm. The gym was closed, so I tried my chances in the snow, strapped on my yak traks and headed out into the ice. Where the side walks were shoveled it wasn’t so bad, but the deeper areas were slick slush. Even with my yak traks I was sliding all over. But, I managed to make it one mile before calling it quits.

Thursday and Friday I had to work. So since Thursday was really busy at work I used it as a rest day. Then on Friday I ran on the treadmill after work. The run went really well considering how exhausted I felt from the week.

Then on Saturday I was able to get over to the gym for another swim! I am surprised at how quickly I am getting my strength back in swimming. I am already close to where I was about 6 months ago.

This week I got another delivery of wine from Winc. For those who have not tried Winc it is a fun and convenient way to get wine. I am able to choose from a variety of wines that get delivered directly to my door for the same price that I would be spending on wine from the store! And I love wine, so I jump at any opportunity to try some new fun wines!

Here is the selection I got this month. There are two reds and two whites. I have been using Winc for a few months now and I have been really happy with all the wines I have received. If you think you would like to try Winc too then click this link.

Happy Running Everyone!

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