Weekly Recap 12/9-12/15, New Career and Renewed Goals

I started a new job this week; so most of my focus has been on settling in. I have been a Nurse for over 8 years. But this week I started my career as a Nurse Practitioner. After 2 years of school all while working full time, nights and weekends, the endless clinical hours; I finally have taken all the hard work, all that knowledge I have learned and I am applying to this new career. It is a scary transition; but I am looking forward to the journey.

With my new job I will have weekends off. As a nurse I have been working very other weekend for most of my career. So having weekends off is a foreign concept to me. I often have not been able to run a race or participate in an event because my weekend shift interferes. Having the weekends off opens up more opportunities to participate in local races that I previously weren’t always able to do. 

Trip to Connecticut last weekend. Spent a little time in Newport, RI with my Mom!

With this new weekend freedom I have a renewed sense of encouragement to get my training back on track. Since graduating from graduate school back in May I have been struggling to get back into training consistently. There are days I struggle to run, sometimes just feeling too tired, mentally exhausted to get out the door. But, despite this I keep trudging forward. Some days are easier to find motivation then others

Despite being predominantly engaged with my job this week, I still managed to squeeze a couple runs in. One of such runs was a 4 miler with negative splits. I went out with a plan to run about 3 miles. 2-3 miles has kind of been my average lately; mostly because I can get it done quickly and I feel as though I have not been running consistently enough to feel comfortable running farther. However, on this particular run I reach mile 3 and I still felt great. So I was like what is enough run and then boom! Negative splits. Felt so good!

I am looking forward to this next season. To settling back into a training routine with both renewed goals and new visions. I have some lofty goals bouncing around in this head of mine and I am excited to see where they may take me. 

Happy Running!! 

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