California: Tale of a Traveling Runner

I am a little behind in my blog posts, but to be fair life gets busy! My boyfriend and I took a trip to California that lasted 10 days from the end of October to the first week in November. This was my first time in California and prior to this trip the furthest west I had traveled was Minnesota.

There is so much I have heard about California; to the point where I have developed some assumptions about California. I am going to leave these assumptions out of this post; because I don’t think that it is always far to assume things about a place based off others opinions. Going into this trip I pushed aside these assumptions and went in with no expectations. And let me tell you, California did not disappoint!

Our trip started in San Jose for TwitchCon, then it took us to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica and then Los Angeles. I really wanted to try to incorporate San Diego in this trip; but there was just not enough time! So next California adventure will take me to San Diego.

Although being super busy hoping from one location to the next, I still took time to get some runs in. It can be a real challenge to keep your usual fitness routine up when you are traveling. The excitement of travel can leave you exhausted and being in a new area leaves you questioning the safest run route.

Travel Run Tip: It is always good to plan out your runs ahead of time when traveling to a new area. Best yet, if you have the opportunity ask some local runners some of their favorite routes. Attacks on female runners is all too real and you can never be too safe while on your run!!

Now back to California…

Two of my favorite run spots in California where the Pier in Santa Cruz and Redondo Beach. But honestly there are so many paths and trails I am sure the list could go on! The running path from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach is also amazing. 

The Sea Lions at Pier 39

In addition to great running spots; California has many other amazing locations and places to visit. It felt like you could just keep exploring and never seen all of it! In San Fransisco we explored both downtown as well at the wharf. The wharf is a must visit area of San Fran. It is a fun bustling area with shops, restaurants and of course the famous sea lions at Pier 39! 

Santa Cruz Coastline

After San Fransisco we traveled down to spend a night in Santa Cruz. This was an amazing, low key surfer town with some amazing ocean views! In the morning before leaving we walked down to this cliff side area where there were many surfers just waiting to catch the perfect wave

From Santa Cruz we traveled to Santa Barbara; taking the PCH the entire way down. This took a few hours and we didn’t make it to Santa Barbara until dark. For dinner that night we went to a fun local brewery call Llama Dog. They have a vast beer menu, including gluten free options and they also serve food. 

Our final destination was Los Angeles. We stayed here for remainder of our time in the Redondo beach area. After hoping from city to city it was nice to settle in for a few days. We spent the days exploring the local areas including Venice and Santa Monica as well as getting together with a few friends. We even got a day trip in the Universal Studios where we visited Harry Potter World. 

In all it was an amazing trip. I can’t wait for what the next adventure will have in store for us!! 

Happy running everyone!! 

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