Weekly Recap 12/9-12/15, New Career and Renewed Goals

I started a new job this week; so most of my focus has been on settling in. I have been a Nurse for over 8 years. But this week I started my career as a Nurse Practitioner. After 2 years of school all while working full time, nights and weekends, the endless clinical hours; I finally have taken all the hard work, all that knowledge I have learned and I am applying to this new career. It is a scary transition; but I am looking forward to the journey.

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Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphone Review

After running for many years both with music, without music, with audio books and podcasts; I have come to the conclusion that I prefer my leisure runs to include some kind of listening activity. In fact, there is rarely a time when I am not listening to something. I listen to something while I do dishes, fold laundry, shower and write this blog post. So when I say I am a connoisseur of all types of listening devices, I ain’t bluffing. 

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