The Comeback is Always Stronger than the Setback

When you see a girl tighten her ponytail you know something is about to go down.


*Tightens ponytail*

Everyone has experienced some kind of setback in their life. This is something we all share as human beings; we experience doubt, struggles, the fears of not being good enough; but despite this we move forward. We somehow find strength inside despite feeling like everything is crashing down around us. Then we adapt and we overcome. Our brains always trying to find that solution to overcome the struggle.

Recently I encountered a setback. Something that left me with feelings of being a failure. During Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 I encountered things that few out of my control; resulting in me being unable to finish the race. Thoughts have been racing through my head such as “if only I was better prepared” or “why didn’t I try harder.” But when it came down to it I did give it my all and I was as prepared as I could have been. I won’t go into further details because this post is not to focus on the setback, but instead to move forward with the comeback.


After a setback it is important to reflect back enough just to get an understanding of what you need to do to get to where you want to go. And once you are done rejecting then you just need to let it go. It does not do you any good to keep beating yourself upon about; so just move on. Live in the hear and now, set those goals in bite sized pieces and take them on one at a time.


So what am I doing now? I took some time after my race to just recover. Especially after feeling like I beat my body up. But then after taking some much needed time to myself I am back at it again. I am incorporating more yoga and I have been running again. I have yet to get back on my bike; but I am sure that will happen soon! I have not signed up for any more races just yet, but that does not mean that I don’t have any in mind for the future! One thing I hope that you all get out of this post is not to ever give up on something you love. Yes it does get hard, you won’t always love it and sometimes it just feels damn discouraging. But never, I repeat never quite your day dream.

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