Week Two Ironman 70.3 Training

I have not been doing the best at keeping up with blog posts; or my training for that matter. This week has been packed full of class and working because I picked up an extra shift. And let me tell you, when you work as a nurse it is SOOOOO hard to workout on the days that you work. Working out before work requires waking up MUCH earlier and then after working for 12 hours you often feel too emotionally and physically drained to workout. 

Monday: was a rest day (and a work day)

Tuesday: Bike 40 minutes on the trainer

Wednesday: SPRINTS and leg day

Here is my leg day workout if you are interested in try it!

  •  Romanian Deadlifts: x4 sets of 14 with two 25 lb dumbbells (because I love these!)
  • Goblin squats: x4 sets of 14 with one 25 lb dumbbell. Make sure you drop down slow and then really push up fast and hard through your whole leg. This really focuses on that dynamic strength that is important for runners.
  • Lunges: I lowered the weight down a bit to 20 lb and then 15 lb dumbbells. I used these to finish off leg day and did as many as I could until the point of sheer muscle exhaustion!


Thursday: Ran 2 miles and WOW my legs still felt dead. I just used today as a shake out run/recovery run. But my legs are still really feeling it from lifting legs. That workout was no joke!

Friday: Rest day and worked in the ER

Saturday: Yoga cause my body still felt DEAD from leg day.

Sunday: Run day!! Today I ran total of 3 miles through the rain. It felt surprisingly refreshing to run through the rain, especially since recently it has been so hot and humid in northern Virginia.

Here is to more weeks of training. I did not stick to my training plan as much as I had wanted this week; but I think I did exactly what I needed to do. The one thing that I want to do more of is SWIM. My only obstacle to swimming is that I don’t currently have easy access to a pool at the moment. So I will have to figure that one out.

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