Week One Ironman 70.3 Training

This is the week that marks the start of training for Lake Placid Ironman 70.3. Before the kick off of this week I was really hoping that I would feel stronger in my starting baseline. However, not everything goes to plan and all you can do it improvise and adapt. Despite not being at the baseline that I wanted to be at, I still feel confident that I will be able to achieve my goals. Here is a breakdown of the week:

Monday: 3 mile run focusing on form and tempo.


Tuesday: 30 min cycle on the trainer followed by 3 mile run

Wednesday: 4 mile run and a lifting session (Kettle bell swings, planks, rows)


Thursday: Work (rest day)

Friday: Today was a 14 mile bike ride with a focus on some hill work.


Both Saturday and Sunday I worked; so I used these as a rest day to recover a little. Its not truly like a good rest day since the ER can get busy and mentally I am not resting. But it still lets me muscle recover a little. After my shift on Saturday I did do a little at home life session with planks, squats and push-ups. You don’t need a long time to be able to fit a good workout in. Some of the best workouts can be packed into a quick 15-20 minute session. The key is to make sure everything you do it HIGH quality.

Happy training!!

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