Weekly Recap 4/29/18-5/5/18 and the Final Weeks of Graduate School

School is starting to wind down! I had a few big assignments due at the beginning of this week that I was able to finish up and turn in just in the nick of time. It has been almost two years since I started school and it feels surreal that I am so close to graduating. Through these past few years in school I have felt a little bit like my life was on hold. Try as I might it was a real challenge to fit in everything I love and enjoy. Working full time and being in school full time took its toll and left me with little time to focus on running or triathlon training.

But I have officially finished up all my clinical hours and turned in all my last few assignments. All that is left is one more final! There is finally an end in sight!


Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do once I graduate; but to be perfectly honest I am still not sure! I am still working in the Emergency department as a nurse; so I am not in a rush to find a job as a nurse practitioner. I am going to take my time finding something that is a good fit for me. One thing I am sure about though is: I cannot wait to do another IRONMAN!!


Since school has been winding down I have really been amping up the training. I have been persistent to keep at my runs. I really need to up my milage; especially considering the somewhat sedentary life that graduate school has forced upon me. I was lucky this past week because I was able to accomplish quite a bit of training including a few runs, a bike ride, swim as well as lift at the gym. Right now I am focusing on building up a strong base again before I worry about maintaining a strict training schedule. Stay tuned for more!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


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