Weekly Recap 4/1/18-4/7/18

The beginning of this week was full of work, clinical and class. Then on Thursday I was finally rewarded with a break from the chaos. So what else does a running deprived individual do on a beautiful sunny day, but go for a run!


I ran an easy 2 miles; really taking the time to focus on my form. I have noticed recently that my right hip has been bothering me a lot. This is something that has been on and off since last year. Because of this, on my runs I really have been focusing on my form and trying to avoid over-striding; since that seems to aggravate the pain. If this pain continues to persist then I will consider looking at other ways to address this pain.

Hip pain can be localized to three anatomical regions which includes: anterior hip (including the groin), posterior hip (including buttocks) and the lateral hip. The location of the hip pain can reveal clue as to the pathology behind the pain. My pain is posterior; which means that it is likely to be related to the piriformis muscle. That is that sneaky little muscle that connects the lower spine to the femur. This is a deep seat muscle that functions by assisting in the rotation of the hip and turning the leg and foot outward. This sneaky little muscle frequently torments runners; and for being such a small muscle it can certainly be a huge pain in the a**.


Management for piriformis syndrome involves a lot of stretching, foam rolling as well as making adjustments to running form. This muscle has also be known to spasm and can also benefit from dry needling. If you are interested in learning some good stretches and foam rolling exercises I will try to put together a post on it! I have some favorites that have really saved my butt, literally.

Happy running!


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