Because it’s All About That Base

Hi Everyone!

After a little hiatus I am back to blogging. I have been focusing so much on school that past few months I have been neglecting the things that I love. Which is not always the best feeling; it makes you feel like you are missing out! Right now I am on spring break. Which after a tough week full off projects and assignments is a nice reprieve. So while on break I am going to take time to refocus on training.


There is a half ironman that is sneaking up around the corner. It is 6 months away now and I am fearful that I have not built up as much of a base as I wanted too. This will be my second ironman. In my first half ironman my goal was to survive. So my hope with this one is to be a little more regimented with my training and maybe as a result do a little better!


I am going to post my training regime on the blog so everyone can follow along. I am not getting a trainer for this; so I am basing this regime off of past experience and information that I have found online. I will also make adjustments as I go; listening to my body so I know when I can push more or ease up. The goal for training is to PREVENT injury; never train in a fashion that could potentially lead to an injury. So happy training everyone! I hope you enjoy following along!


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