Turkey Trot 10k Race Recap

This past weekend I participated in the Marine Corps Marathon’s Turkey Trot 10K. It was a little cold and breezy, but besides that it was such a fun race! It was located on the marine corp base Quantico. I had never participated in a Turkey Trot before, but I thought “what better way to dive into the Thanksgiving festivities then to do a Turkey Trot?!”


So since it was a turkey trot; I figured I would need to dress the part. I choose some festive zensah turkey compression socks! These socks were the perfect addition to my otherwise simple running outfit.


It took about the first mile before my legs began to warm up. And because I have not been training regularly I decided to take it easy on the pace. So I found a nice comfortable pace and my legs felt nice and fresh; that is until my IT band began to cause me problems! I could feel it down in the lateral aspect of my knee. It was strange that I was feeling this pain in the left knee. I usually suffering from pain in my right knee; and that is generally my problematic IT band. But for some reason my left IT band decided to cause my problems today!


Towards the end of the race I had to stop a few times to shake off the pain. Especially since the pain was problematic going uphill. I probably should not have run through the pain like I did. But, I persevered and I made it through the entirety of the race! Maybe not my best choice. I suffered from pain and soreness to that same spot until the next day. But with rest, foam rolling and ice I was able to bounce back. I am still going to rest my legs this week before I jump back into running.

I have had an orthopedic doctor tell me once that I should run till it hurts and then stop. That was his method of rehab. Of course that is not always going to work for everyone and I encourage following up with a healthcare provider if you have persistent pain as this can be indicative of a more serious condition. So run smart everyone!

I am going to take my own advice and rest this week. Maybe I will throw some yoga in for fun. Happy running and Happy Thanksgiving!

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