Weekly Recap 10/22/17-10/28/17, Gym Workouts &Running with a Weighted Vest

Another week of running in the books! I am still just plugging along fitting in my short mileage where and when I can. This past Tuesday before going to class I made it my goal to go to the gym first. The gym I go to is conveniently located on campus, so it was’t a challenging goal to accomplish.

At the gym I ran for 1 mile on the treadmill as a fairly fast clip to get my heart rate up. Then after running I lifted. I did two different leg machines, did free weights for my arms and then did planks to top of my workout with a little ab strengthening.


Later in the week I went for a trail run. The weather has been beautiful in Virginia and absolutely amazing running weather. The first part of the run felt great! I had my boyfriend running with me and he had his weighted vest on. So at about the 1.4 mile mark I snagged the weighted vest from him to finish up the two miler with a little extra challenge. I had never run with a weighted vest on before; but man was it hard!! The first few steps with the vest on resulted me in thinking to myself “am I even going to be able to finish this run with this on? Should I just walk.”

But amazingly I finished the run! And not only that I finished it feeling really strong. I was proud of myself for persevering; that weighted vest is darn heavy!


So I know it is a common thing to incorporate weighted vests into workouts. In fact, in track years ago we would have to run steps with weighted vests on. Of course those vests were no where near as heavy as the vest I just recently wore, with its solid metal plates, but it is a similar idea.


One thing I noticed with the weighted vest on was that my running form changed slightly. I went from being more of a mid foot strike to a heel strike. I think this was because of all the extra weight I was carrying; it resulted in the need for me to change my form in order to run comfortably. However, I do wonder if I should still try to maintain my regular running form, or if it is okay to change it in order to carry the weight easier. I am not entirely sure if this is appropriate or not. But I am interested to learning more about how to workout with a weighted vest! It is such a good workout!

Happy Running!!



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