Weekly Recap 10/15/2017-10/21/2017, Corn Mazes, Swims and Pumpkin Carving

This past week was busy per usual, but I still managed to fit so many fun activities in! Maybe it was the extra day from work that I took of, but I felt like I has so much more time this week. This was a much needed mental breather that I needed.


This past week I did something non-running related and went to a corn maze with my boyfriend. It was so much fun to do something fall related. And the corn maze is located on a farm with chickens, pigs and other farm animals that we could go visit. The corn maze was challenging, but involved pirate related trivia that helped you to solve the maze.

After the corn maze I squeezed a quick evening run in to top off a perfectly wonderful day! I hit up some of my favorite trails again and enjoyed some beautiful views.


It is slowly beginning to feel more and more like fall. This is making runs more enjoyable. The humidity is finally dissipating, which leaves the air dryer and more tolerable. However, it still gets warm enough during the day that I can run in shorts and a tank top. For me, because I am from New England, this still seems warm for October.


In addition to running this week I also was able to dive back into one of my favorite places, the pool!! I grew up swimming and it is something that I love. Training for my ironman I spent countless hours in the pool. So jumping back in felt reminiscent of all those hours.


Swimming is also such a great workout. It focuses upon much different muscles than those used for running, is lower impact and also has great aerobic benefits. This makes it perfect for cross training. So even if your plans are not to do a triathlon I highly recommend spending some training time in the pool!

To finish off a fun week my boyfriend and I carved pumpkins that we had bought at the corn maze! It had been years since I carved pumpkins; but what better way to get into the halloween spirit then to carve some pumpkins!


Happy running!!

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