Weekly Recap 9/24/17-9/30/17, Travel Runs &Wedding Fun

Hi ya’ll! Just spent the weekend down in Tennessee for a wedding. This was only my second time visiting this beautiful state and I loved it! Of course just like any kind of traveling; it can be tough to stick with your regular routine. Often times the exhaustion of traveling can leave you too tired to stick with your longer runs, not to mention changes in diet and hydration status can also has a large impact.


We drove down to Tennessee; which from Northern Virginia is about a 7 hour drive (give or take depending upon traffic). I ate Bojangles for the first time ever in my life. Was it a life changing experience? Maybe. Am I shocked that my stomach did not regret the consumption of the deliciously greasy food? Yes. I generally try to eat healthy; even when I travel, but it can be fun to indulge once in a while.



I ran twice during the little weekend getaway. Just short quick little runs; both in the morning. I tried to make up for the shorter distance by making the run faster. This left me surprisingly worn out, but also satisfied with the workout. The second run I took my golden retriever Finley with me. He absolutely loves running! I try to take him with me on my shorter runs any time the temperature is below 55 F. This is because he overheats so easily.


Overall, it was a fun weekend and I loved having a little getaway! Time to get back to the grind in the coming weeks though!

Happy running everyone!

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