Weekly Recap(s) 9/10/17-9/23/17, Running with a Cold and Being Unrelenting

Hi all fellow runners!! Do you ever have those weeks when you get so busy that you have a hard time keeping up with everything, even running? It is really all about time management, but even then it can be challenging. I always try to set time aside for running. It is my escape and I need that escape to help cope with the stressors of life and graduate school. But sometimes life can get in the way; the time crunch of getting all the discussion board posts done, papers turned in and studying for exams. The balance gets lost. But, it is that balance that keeps you sane and it is important.

These past two weeks have been busier then normal, I have been sick and I really have not done enough running put together a substantial weekly recap. So hence, I have decided to post the past few weeks together in one recap.


I admit this past weeks I only ran twice. Would I have loved to run more? Yes. But sometimes that is not reality. I could list all the reasons why I did’t run. What got in the way, how I felt, but I don’t want to focus on that. I want to appreciate the run that I had and focus upon how grateful I was to be able to squeeze a run in!


It can be challenging to run with an upper respiratory infection and for that reason my runs this week were slow. I didn’t focus on the pace, I just focused on how I felt. My attempt at 2 miles earlier in the week was rough. I spent more time walking then actually running. But then, by the end of the week running felt so much easier! I am finally close to being back to my baseline before I was sick. In the end though, there is no such thing as a bad run, no matter how rough it felt. Every run teaches you something knew and you should be grateful for that. Sure some runs are more challenging then others, but it is those challenging runs that help you develop into a stronger runner.

“Some sessions are stars and some are stones, but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them.”
   — Chrissie Wellington

I hope everyone is had a good weekend!! Happy running!



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