Weekly Recap 9/3/17-9/9/17, Graduate School, Shin Splints &Trail Runs


I have felt a little MIA lately. It is only the second week of classes and I feel a little like I am drowning. I still have been managing to work full time at work and be in graduate school full time, but now that my classes are getting more intense and time consuming I need to cut back from somewhere. So I am choosing to cut back at work. Sometimes no matter how well you manage your time, you still don’t have enough of it!!! 

The beginning of this week I spent rehabbing shin splints and a sore left knee! The shin splints are predominately on my left anterior shin and it is my left knee that is sore. I am not exactly sure what I did! But I know that I need to spend a little time rehabbing it. By rehabbing I mean foam rolling, icing and resting.


For my knee I found that when my quads get too tight they seem to pull my patella out of alignment which that causes my knee to become sore. If I stretch and foam roll my quads and other leg muscle it take pressure off my patella and the pain improves. Of course rest is still important to wait for the inflammation to resolve. Inflammation can be potentially damaging so it is important to get rid of it!!!

Shin splints can be a little tricker and take longer to rehab. Shin splints are a result of impact and trauma to the shins, they can occur anteriorly or posteriorly (inside or outside) of the shin. I have found it to be helpful to ice them and massage has shown to have some benefits as well. However, these really need time in order to heal. Either time off from running or just a little time decreasing milage.


Finally at the end of the week I was able to get a few good runs in! I did both of my 2 mile runs on trails, which was challenging, but so much fun! I really like trail running, it keeps your mind working, the scenery is beautiful, but wow the hills can be brutal! But my legs are feeling good and I am looking forward to next week!

One more new and exciting thing this week!! For the longest time I have been wanting to keep a training journal. There is something about being able to write down your runs, reflect upon how it felt as well as set goals and plan for future runs. Then one day after a long shift at work I came home and my boyfriend surprised me with a training journal!! I have already started writing in it and I love it!! IMG_7856

Happy running everyone!!


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