8 Tips for Running Motivation

How do you stay motivated to run? At times finding the necessary motivation can be challenging. There are days when you will feel too tired, too sore, just don’t feel like running, its raining, or it’s cold or too hot. I am going to share some of my tricks that I use to stay motivated despite feeling like I am not ready to lace up and go. This can also apply to workouts in general. Enjoy!!

1. You can do anything for 10 minutes

This really applies to anything in life. If you are feeling unmotivated to start something, just try it for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you feel like you could keep going then stick with it! But, if you really are still not feeling it after 10 minutes then stop. I will often apply this to runs when I am feeling unmotivated. Often times once I am out running I find the motivation on my run.

2. Get an audiobook to listen to!

Some runs I will listen to music, but my favorite thing to run to is audiobooks! I was inspired when a friend told me he listens to Harry Potter when he lifts. So I decided to try it and I loved it! Pick out an enticing story line and then save that book so that you only listen to it when you workout. It will give you something to look forward to even on those days when you are not feeling like running. I use Audible to listen to audio books. It’s easy to use and they have such a wonderful selection of books!

Audible ScreenShot

3. Find a running partner

A running partner is a great way to keep you accountable. You can help to motivate each other and also keep each other company during the run. When you have someone else to run with you won’t want to let them down on that morning run. A good running partner can also turn a run into a fun social hour. And then if your run falls on Sunday it can be so fun to get brunch after!


4. Run with a Dog!

I love running with my dog! I only take him for 2-3 miles at a time when its cooler out. But when I can take him running with me it is very motivating. I feel like I am doing something good for him and for me. I also love when I get him nice and tired. I have a golden retriever. He is great to run with, but does not have the same endurance as some other breeds and he tires out quickly. (Stay tuned and maybe I will write a post on running with dogs!!)


5. Change up the routine

Incorporating cross training is a great way to maintain motivation. This will refresh your routine and is also good for your body. Cross training, especially strength training can increased endurance and reduce injury risk. This can even be an equipment free workout that you do at home; no need to spend money on a gym membership

6. Make it a habit

Habits can be challenging to start initially, but once the habit is ingrained it can be so valuable. Understand that all habits will feel awkward at first, it is important to recognize this and push through. You will get there!

7. Lay out your clothes/running gear ahead of time

Laying out your gear is a great way to stay organized and then you won’t lose your motivation looking for your favorite running shorts! I like to plan out my outfits with fun colors so that I can get some good snap shots of me running.


8. Run in the morning

This is something that I can been working on. Often times when I wait to run something always comes up and I don’t get a quality run in. Just get up and get the run done. If you wait until later you will often feel too tired, get too busy or something will come up. This doesn’t mean you can’t run later in the day, however, if you are someone who slowly looses motivation, then get it done in the morning and have your whole day for everything else!

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