Weekly Recap(s) 9/10/17-9/23/17, Running with a Cold and Being Unrelenting

Hi all fellow runners!! Do you ever have those weeks when you get so busy that you have a hard time keeping up with everything, even running? It is really all about time management, but even then it can be challenging. I always try to set time aside for running. It is my escape and I need that escape to help cope with the stressors of life and graduate school. But sometimes life can get in the way; the time crunch of getting all the discussion board posts done, papers turned in and studying for exams. The balance gets lost. But, it is that balance that keeps you sane and it is important.

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Weekly Recap 9/3/17-9/9/17, Graduate School, Shin Splints &Trail Runs


I have felt a little MIA lately. It is only the second week of classes and I feel a little like I am drowning. I still have been managing to work full time at work and be in graduate school full time, but now that my classes are getting more intense and time consuming I need to cut back from somewhere. So I am choosing to cut back at work. Sometimes no matter how well you manage your time, you still don’t have enough of it!!!  Continue reading “Weekly Recap 9/3/17-9/9/17, Graduate School, Shin Splints &Trail Runs”

8 Tips for Running Motivation

How do you stay motivated to run? At times finding the necessary motivation can be challenging. There are days when you will feel too tired, too sore, just don’t feel like running, its raining, or it’s cold or too hot. I am going to share some of my tricks that I use to stay motivated despite feeling like I am not ready to lace up and go. This can also apply to workouts in general. Enjoy!!

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