Weekly Recap 8/20/17-8/26/17 &Virtual Races

As a nurse I work every other weekend; because of this I have to make adjustments to my training schedule. At times I will try to run after a shift, but there are times when I just feel too tired. Last weekend was my weekend to work. Shifts are 12 hours long and I usually get home around 7:30.


On Sunday I got home tired, hungry and with little motivation to run. With a little encouragement I agreed to run one mile with my boyfriend. Since it was only going to be one mile we decided to try to make it fast! I guess you could consider this speed work. So we got one mile done at a 7:52/mile pace. It felt good to open the legs up, and at the end I felt dead, yet satisfied.

This is also a way to really make a shorter run count. If you don’t have as much time; but want to really make that mile or two count as a good training run then pick up the pace! There are times when I have found this to be even harder then running a longer distance at a slower pace.

About those virtual races though…

This week I tried out my first Virtual Running Club race! I had never done one before, but I have always thought their medals look really neat! I signed up for the Total Solar Eclipse Virtual Race on August 21st. I did the 10K. I didn’t sign up soon enough to get a bib. It is fun that you can do the running on your own time, but you still feel part of the running community. You have the option of getting a race bib, medal and or a t-shirt when you sign up. The medals they offer are well made and creative. Stay tuned for a picture of the medal!! 


Strength Training 

I have made it a goal to incorporate strength training every week. This weeks workout was focused upon legs with squats, leg press and calf raises.

Here was the workout:

  • Squats: 5reps x3 sets and then 1 set doing ARAP (as many reps as possible)
    • I increased the weight from 45lb to 55lb to 65lb and then did ARAP with 45lb. 
  • Leg Press: 10reps x3 sets
  • Calf Raises: 10reps x3sets


Friday was a shake out run! My legs were still feeling really sore from lifting, so I took it easy. And on Saturday I was planning on attempting a longer run, but my legs still felt dead from lifting! So I adjusted my plans and made it into a day for yoga and stretching. There is a flow that I like to do that starts off in easy, gentle stretches. Then as your muscles warm up you deepen the stretches and incorporate a little strength work with some of the yoga poses. After this my legs felt a lot better and I am hoping they will feel more recovered soon so I can get back to pounding pavement!

I think one of the reasons why I have neglected strength training in the past is because I have not wanted to take the time for my legs to recover after lifting. I don’t always feel like I can jump right back into running after leg day. This is something I plan to improve upon going forward.

Run happy!!

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