Weekly Recap 8/12/17-8/19/17 &Power Lifting


I want to write a quick overview of what I did last weekend because I did not have an opportunity to! The perfectionist in me wanted to try to get everything perfect in this blog before I shared it; so that has been my main focus this past week. Anyways, back to last weekend! It was finally a weekend that felt similar to when I was training for my Ironman. Meaning it was the perfect kind of exhausting. It started with a 4 mile run around Burke Lake. Which if you live in the NoVA area and have a chance to run around this lake I highly recommend it! It was a little humid when I went, but not terrible. It is a predominantly a dirt path with overhead tree coverage and beautiful views of the lake. I recommend going earlier or during the week day to avoid too many people as this is a popular walking/hiking spot as well.

Overview of the bike ride from Leesburg and Purcellville

The following day was spent on a 20 mile bike ride. This was the longest ride I have done since last year (since school often takes up too much of my time). It was a great feeling to get back out on the bike (although I am slower then I use to be). It comes back quickly. My all time favorite place to take my road bike is the W&OD trail. It is a paved trail that allows pedestrians, cyclists, runners and horses. The great thing about this trail is that is allows you to get off the road and away from cars. I like to start in Leesburg, VA and bike up toward Purcellville, VA. It ends up about just a hair over 20 miles out and back. It may seem flat at first, but they you will realize you actually have been going up a gradual incline for the past 5-6 miles. This can be challenging (and sometimes even discouraging), but once you persevere it levels out and the miles breeze by!


Monday I did three mile training run at a 10:11min/mile pace. It was humid which made it challenging and it didn’t end up being the fastest run. But, it was a good shakeout run after all the activities over the weekend!


Wednesday I ran a quick 2 miles with a 9:27/mile average in the sweltering heat! It was 91 F, but felt like 100! Yuck! This made me regret not being a morning running. It was so nice and cool in the morning, why didn’t I just run then?! Mental note to self: become a morning runner!

Friday I nailed by strength training workout! It felt good to lift and I have been striving to incorporate more strength training into my training regime. Strength=faster. Since I don’t know at much about lifting I trained with my boyfriend. Focusing on compound lifts with minimal accessory work in an effort build raw strength, not to bulk in size. My aim in lifting is not to bulk, but to build strength.

The workout was based upon the 5/3/1 Training Method developed by Jim Wendler:

  • Over head press: 3 sets of 5 reps
    • 45lb x5 reps (I did all these sets with 45lb because I am not good at ohp! I have had a few surgeries on my elbow because of a bad injury; leaving my elbow with limitations in mobility. This makes it challenging to do some of the movements.)
  • Deadlift: 3 sets
    • 45lb x5rep (65% max weight)
    • 65lb x5rep (75% max weight)
    • 95lb xAMRAP* (85% max weight)
  • Lat pulldown: 3 sets of 10-12reps
  • Leg lifts: 3 sets of 10-12reps

*AMRAP=as many reps as possible

I would love to hear how you do your strength training! Do you have a method that you prefer? I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

Fly on! -Erika

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